Written by UBSB

Utamacon Group has achieved another significant milestone with the official opening of its sister company, Utamatech (B) Sdn Bhd.  This new addition to the group’s portfolio marks an exciting venture into the realm of IT and smart system solutions.

The grand opening took place on Friday, 9 June 2023, at Utamatech’s premises located at the Airport Mall in Berakas.  It was a momentous occasion attended by esteemed guests, including the Guest of Honour, YM Tuan Sr. Md Shafie Bin Hj Md Yusof, the group Managing Director of Utamacon Group.  The event also attended by the Directors and Heads of Department of UGC, and the staff of Utamatech, including the Director / General Manager of Utamatech, YM Tuan Sr. Ak Muhd Adib Bin Pg Hj Ali Hassen and Director / Operation Manager, YM Tuan Md Hanifan Aziz Bin Hj Sahadani.

The event commenced with the recital of Surah Al-Fatihah led by YM Ustaz Md Hizamie Bin Abdul Razak, followed by a short welcome speech by the Director and General Manager of Utamatech.  In his speech, YM Tuan Sr. Ak Muhd Adib explained the establishment of Utamatech and highlighted the company’s offerings, which include various advanced technological tools, smart systems, healthcare technology devices, audio and visual systems, as well as home security system.

Utamatech represents Utamacon Group’s strategic expansion into the filed of IT and smart system solutions.  With a focus on cutting-edge technologies and innovative approaches, the company aims to deliver solutions that cater to the evolving needs of various industries.

The climax of the event was marked by a ceremonial ribbon-cutting led by the Director and General Manager, YM Tuan Sr. Ak Muhd. Adib, accompanied by the Director and Operation Manager, YM Tuan Md. Hanifan Aziz and joined by the Guest of Honour, YM Tuan Sr. Md Shafie.  This moment symbolized the beginning of a promising journey for the new company and further underscored the significance of this achievement.  Utamatech’s vision, mission and commitment to advancing the technological landscape position it as a reliable partner for organisations seeking transformative IT solution in the digital age.