KB Office Staff Bond Through Badminton: A Healthy Afternoon at Pusat Insani Seria

Written by UBSB

On May 15, 2024, KB Office staff enjoyed an exciting badminton session as part of their Healthy Lifestyle Program (HLP). Around 13 enthusiastic staff members joined in, looking for friendly competition and a chance to stay healthy through physical activity.

The courts were full of energy as colleagues played badminton with enthusiasm. Laughter and encouragement filled the air, creating a supportive atmosphere where everyone felt included and motivated to do their best.

Badminton provided a perfect outlet for physical activity and relaxation after a day at the office. As the games progressed, participants found themselves fully involved in the action, enjoying the exercise.

As the session came to a close at 6:30 pm, participants left feeling refreshed and revitalized, grateful for the opportunity to connect with colleagues and prioritize their well-being. The HLP session exemplifies KB Office’s dedication to fostering a dynamic workplace environment that prioritizes employee well-being and fosters a culture of vitality and contentment.