KB Office Staff Embrace Wellness with Seria Energy Lab Park Brisk Walk

Written by UBSB

On 31 January 2024, KB Office staff gathered at Seria Energy Lab Park for a refreshing brisk walk, marking the kickoff of their Healthy Lifestyle Program (HLP) for this year. Around 12 staff members joined in, demonstrating their commitment to prioritize health and well-being.

The brisk walk was more than exercise; it was a way to refresh and energize. Brisk walking has many health benefits, like improving heart health, reducing stress, and boosting energy. By adding physical activity to their daily routine, KB Office staff are improving their own health and creating a lively workplace culture.

After the brisk walk, participants felt uplifted and energized. The success of the HLP’s first event highlights UBSB dedication to employee well-being. The company plans more wellness activities to keep supporting a healthy and happy workplace for everyone.