Written by UBSB

Utamacon (B) Sdn Bhd and its group, Utamacon Management Services (B) Sdn Bhd and Utamacon Management Services, had organized Funday for year 2022 on 14 Jan 2023.  This was the 3rd time a similar event was organized and was participated by almost all of the group’s staff.

The main objective of the event being held is to strengthen the relationship among the staff as well as a get-together event.

The event was held at Anduki Recreational Park in Seria with the group Directors as its Guest of Honour.  The event began with the recitation of Surah Al-Fatihah and Doa Selamat followed by an opening speech from the Group Managing Director Tuan Md. Shafie Hj. Md. Yusof.  In his speech, the Group Managing Director stressed the importance of teamwork which is in line with the Funday Year 2022 theme, “Together We Can Make It Happen”.

The event was filled with fun team building activities that promoted interaction among staff from different department with exciting prizes to be won.