Written by UBSB

In conjunction with the Holy month of Ramadan 1445H, this year the UGC CSR Team organized the distribution of Iftar sets to 36 selected mosques in the Brunei Muara districts. The purpose of this initiative was to contribute to community welfare and support local religious institutions in observing the holy month.

The distribution of Iftar sets took place from the second week of Ramadan, commencing on 18 March 2024 and concluded on 5 April 2024.  A total of 30 Iftar sets were provided to each mosque, with distribution to three (3) selected mosques per day.

The UGC CSR Team’s distribution of Iftar sets to mosques exemplifies UGC’s commitment to fostering community spirit and solidarity during Ramadan. UGC as a whole is grateful for the opportunity to serve and support our local community during this blessed month and thank all parties involved in making the CSR event a success.