Written by UBSB

Utamacon group held its annual Tahlil and Doa Arwah ceremony to observe the beginning of the Ramadhan month for the year 2024/1445 Hijrah.  The ceremony took place separately, with the BSB office hosting the event on Thursday, 7 March 2024 and the KB office on Friday, 8 March 2024.

The ceremony was attended by Utamacon Group employees.  This Tahlil and Doa Arwah ceremony served to commemorate the deceased family members of the employees, as well as to seek blessings for the upcoming Ramadhan from Allah SWT.

Both ceremonies commenced with the recitation of Tahlil led by the Managing Director of Utamacon Group, Tuan Md. Shafie bin Haji Md. Yusof, followed by the recitation of Doa Arwah by Awang Md. Hanifan Aziz bin Haji Sahadani for the BSB office and Awang Muhd. Haziq bin Haji Samsulbahri for the KB office. The ceremonies concluded with a light refreshment and the recitation of early Ramadhan prayers led by Tuan Md. Shafie bin Haji Md. Yusof.

The annual Tahlil and Doa Arwah ceremony exemplifies Utamacon Group’s commitment to honoring its employees’ departed loved ones and fostering a sense of unity and spirituality within the company. As Ramadan approaches, the blessings sought during these ceremonies resonate deeply with the company’s values, reminding all participants of the importance of remembrance, reflection, and community.